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Get the book behind the films

My road trip to bookstores around the country made for some great films. It also made for a great book. Sign up here and I'll send you the first chapter ... and eventually the whole book :)

Nice to meet you! I'll shoot you an email soon with details :)

About Mason

Mason is a writer, filmmaker, and lover of bookstores. His short stories have earned awards in the prestigious Writers of the Future contest. His novel, 2084, has been downloaded over 30,000 times. And his latest film, a documentary about his cross-country road trip to 50 independent bookstores in 50 days, has been featured in major media outlets around the country, including Fox News and the Washington Post.

bookstour title card (with binc).png

When a self-published author started visiting the most unique indie bookstores around the country, he intended to promote his novel on Amazon. But that didn't last long. He realized there was a priceless something the “everything store” couldn’t sell. On a new cross-country road trip, dozens of bookseller interviews reveal what that something is.

Mason's films

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