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Mason Engel

Author, Filmmaker, Bookstoriphile



Los Angeles

About Mason

Mason is a science-fiction author, filmmaker, and entrepreneur from Columbus, Indiana. His short stories have earned awards in various contests and his novel, 2084, has been downloaded over 30,000 times on Amazon. But Amazon is no longer his main focus. His latest film, The Bookstour, follows his road trip around the country to dozens of independent bookstores as he asks booksellers a simple question: why should we shop indie?


"The Book Tour", a novel

The love of Mason Engel’s life awaits him at the end of his book tour. But she’s been waiting a long time. Long enough to forget she’s waiting.

Led by strange stories in a mysterious book, Mason follows a trail through the dark corners of our nation’s bookstores to uncover the truth he's forgotten. But while Mason is following the trail, someone--or something--is following him.

"The Bookstour", a film

When a self-published author started visiting the most unique indie bookstores around the country, he intended to promote his novel on Amazon. But that didn't last long. He realized there was a priceless something the “everything store” couldn’t sell. On a new cross-country road trip, dozens of bookseller interviews reveal what that something is.

"Story Road", a film

Behind every book, there’s an author. Her story starts before the first page. Sometimes it feels like destiny. She writes a great book, lands a great deal, and arrives in bestseller-ville without breaking a sweat. But other times, authors have to make their own destiny. Their road to success is not paved but made. And sometimes, it’s an actual road.

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