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Mason Engel

Takes a road trip. He'll travel to 50 states, read 50 books, & interview 50 authors  . . . all in 50 days.

Books Across America

is Mason's third film.

Where did it come from?

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It all started with a book.

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2084 was the first novel Mason released. He wanted it to succeed, so he promoted it online. Then he promoted it IRL.

An Amazon-Exclusive ...

A book tour

My project(4).png
My project(4).png

Mason promoted his novel to 50 independent bookstores in 50 days ... before realizing the stores couldn't sell the book. Only Amazon could. And yet, the booksellers were exceedingly supportive.

50 books 50 days article.jpg
50 books 50 days article.jpg

A film about indie bookstores

Now curious about the mission of indie bookstores, Mason took a road trip to 30 bookstores across the country to answer one question: why should we shop local? Click here to learn the answer in The Bookstour.

A film about author origin stories

Promoting his Amazon-exclusive novel to indie bookstores was not Mason's ticket to bestsellerdom. So what would be? He interviewed four successful authors about their origin stories to find out. Click here to watch the trailer for Story Road.

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It all led to

Books Across America.


Learn more about
the documentary

People don't read like they used to. Or do they? Maybe they just read in different ways.

A kind of state of the reading address for the country, "Books Across America" will explore reading culture region by region, and how it’s been affected by modern media.

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